What are glass beads?

What are glass beads?

When we talk about glass beads, the most common thing that comes to our mind is that they are used for making jewellery but you will be glad to know that the application of glass beads are not restricted to jewellery itself but they are also used for various other purposes. But here we are going to cover the jewellery part only as we at Store_of_arts (pp creations) use them and sell them for jewelry aspects only. If you wish to purchase them – You can simply visit our website’s other columns if you wish to make a purchase. At our store we offer you a wide range of glass beads of many different varieties as well as in many shapes and sizes. Apart from sizes and shape you will also see variety in color at our store.

Now coming back to the question of what exactly the glass beads are all about and for what purpose are they used in jewelry and how?  Let’s cover this topic in detail by going through one by one.

Let’s first know what these beads are made up off?

As the name says it all. These glass beads are made by using glass and by the most common method involve using a furnace. In this method the sand and other minerals are melted down first to create a molted glass first and then they are placed into a mold in order to create the desired shape based on their end uses.

What is the sizes/shape/colour that these glass beads that they usually come in?

Now we have known how these glass beads are made. So, let’s talk about the different sizes that they usually come in. The size and shape of the beads depends on the purpose for which they are going to be used. But at Store_of_arts (pp creations) we offer you a wide variety of beads which includes round bead and seed beads in maximum and if you wish to buy them for your project – you can simply place your order with us on our website. We offers sizes of 2mm glass beads/2mm seed beads, 3mm glass beads/3mm seed beads, 4mm glass beads/4mm seed beads. We also offer others variety of glass beads as well which are of 8mm size and have many different colours available. Talking about the colour we offers you are listed as:-Red colour seed beads/Red colour glass beads, Yellow colour seed beads/yellow colour glass beads, Orange colour seed beads/orange colour glass beads, Pink colour seed beads/pink colour glass beads, Silver colour seed beads/Silver colour glass beads, White colour seed beads/white colour glass beads, Black colour seed beads/black colour glass beads, Golden colour seed beads/golden colour glass beads. Likewise we have many shades of colours available in seed beads category and in round beads as well.

For what purpose they are used for?

These glass beads are mostly used for various purposes. The most common ones are for making jewellery, for embroidery, for lace making and so on. The use of glass beads has endless application. At Store_of_arts (pp creations) you will get a wide variety of seed beads whether in terms of size or colour. The beads that we offers are mainly used for jewellery making – for necklaces, earrings, DIY crafts, for embroidery/ for Aari work, for beaded jewelries etc., The applications of beads in jewellery making is endless.

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